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“Au Pair in America was definitely the best decision ever; it was the start of wonderful memories and great friendships.”
Jennifer Kannemeyer, Port Elizabeth
Your Visa


Visa Regulations 

Au Pair in America arranges an Exchange Visitor J-1 visa for you, which is the only legal way to work as an Au Pair in the USA. 

Au Pairs who enter the USA without a J-1 visa, risk deportation at any time and may not be allowed to return for at least five years.

Upon completion of a successful year, you have the option to extend your visa for an extra 6, 9 or 12 months.

A great benefit of extending your visa is that your study hours and study allowance also increase. 

If you extend, then your weekly pocket money increases and your host family will also pay for you to continue with your studies.

Click Here for more information on applying for your J-1 Non-Immigrant Visa.

Obtaining your visa

Visa Regulations 

Unless an Au Pair is matched several months ahead of her flight date, her Placement Pack will contain the forms and instructions to apply for her J-1 Visa. 

A J-1 visa is reserved for an individual participating in a bona fide cultural exchange opportunity. 

The Au Pair must return home at the end of her 12/13 months in order to satisfy the terms of her J-1 visa.

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